Rainbow College shares its beginnings with Pampers Private School and its need for educational expansion. Rainbow College was established in September 1996 as the first all boys’ private college in Lagos, and two years later in 1998 Rainbow College for Girls followed suit. The demand for high-quality education from the parents of pupils attending Pampers Private School is what drove Rainbow College to set such high educational standards. By September 2005, the schools merged to become a leading co-educational international school in Lagos, attracting countless students from across the globe.

The merger between both schools created a new demand for space. In April 2009, our establishment relocated to Rainbow College Boulevard, KM 39 Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Aseese village, Maba, the permanent site of our renowned boarding school. Here we continued to build on our outstanding reputation as we operated as both a Day in Surulere and our Boarding school in Maba. Our reputation as a leading international school in Nigeria continues to grow because of our innovative teaching methods and state-of-the-art facilities.

Rainbow College has its foundations in the Christian faith, but we respect and appreciate other religious beliefs our students may have. In a spiritual sense, we firmly believe that children can develop their strength of character and attain an absolute love for God. The committed care from our pastoral team promotes the undertaking of Christian-based activities designed to propel our students to reach their God-given potential. Through being guided by spiritual mindedness, our students can become well-rounded children of God. This is essential for our students to reach the peak of their moral and academic excellence.

However, at Rainbow College our reputable educational approach is applied to more than just academic excellence. We offer a balanced curriculum of sports, moral guidance and leadership training. Our aim is to give nourishment to the minds, bodies and souls of our students by engaging them in guided social activities. With this guidance, our pastoral team assists our students in developing a spirit for healthy competition and selfless service. All of our students are readily encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of clubs and societies we have available, including: the swimming club, basketball club, athletics club, chess club, fencing club, graphic arts and animation club, the debate and elocution club and the choir to name but a few.

We invite you to visit our grounds and see the continued developments we are making for yourself. Our Day School is located at 51 Johnson Street just off Bode Thomas Street in Surulere, Lagos. The Boarding School is situated at KM 39, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Aseese Village, Maba, Ogun State.