Academic Overview

At Rainbow College we take great pride in our ability to help our pupils reach their full potential and prepare for life ahead. By adopting both the British and Nigerian curricula, our pupils can gain valuable educational certification for use domestically and around the world. We firmly believe in providing our pupils with a unified British and Nigerian curriculum. Our educational establishment provides the possibility to take exams from 5 different leading examination bodies.

Academic life at Rainbow College begins in Junior Secondary School (JSS) for pupils aged 12 – 14 (Years 7, 8 and 9). Our curriculum has 12 Core Subjects for our pupils in Junior Secondary School and we also have 3 Elective Options available. By giving our pupils a strong educational foundation in Junior Secondary School, they are fully prepared for their exams and Senior Secondary School.

At the age of 15 our pupils move to Rainbow College’s Senior Secondary School (SSS) until they graduate at 17. Our Senior Secondary School curriculum is split over 3 years (Years 10, 11 and 12) and is renowned for being exceptionally comprehensive. Here, our faculty teach 12 Core Subjects and build on the strong educational foundation our pupils’ already have. Our Senior Secondary School pupils select 3-4 School Specialization Subjects from the 20 our modern curricula make available. We also offer 5 Trade and Entrepreneurship Options for pupils who wish to pursue more traditional routes in the future.