Boarding Life

Pupils boarding with us are fully accommodated and secure in our hostels that are designed to feel just like home. All of our hostels are air-conditioned, fully-equipped, and have all the furniture you would expect to see. In their spare time our pupils are able to study, socialise in a common room with controlled TV or take part in exciting extracurricular activities.

At Rainbow College Boarding, our boarding hostels are separated into both male and female hostels. We have 4 different houses that pupils could be accepted into and these include: Einstein, Dalton, Newton and Freeman.

Our pastoral team consists of experienced house-masters, house-mistresses and matrons. There is a member of the pastoral team assigned to each house and they are responsible for the welfare of our students. All of the pastoral staff report directly to the Vice-Principal Pastoral on a daily basis so they can update her on any developments with our students.

The well-trained chefs at Rainbow College Boarding School provide a balanced and varied nutritional diet of delicious food served in our spacious dining hall. This is just as our pupils would expect at home and our food is perfect for fuelling all kinds of physical activities as well as our exciting weekend programmes.

We take the security and safety of all our students extremely seriously. What makes a home a home is that it is secure and Rainbow College is no different. Despite being situated in a low crime zone, we are on guard 24hours a day/7 days a week irrespective of on-session and off-session periods. With the level of our state-of-the-art security and safety systems and equipments, we guarantee the safety of every students.

Students at Rainbow College are encouraged to not keep cash on the school premises. We use a ticket based system in lieu of cash for purchasing luxuries, haircuts, hair braiding and more.
Visiting day is the last Sunday of every month between the hours of 12pm to 6pm. We encourage visiting parents to bring food, drinks and snacks to share with their children or wards.
Our in-residence certified nurses are highly experienced and can offer medical aid for all kinds of problems which may or may not require the assistance/intervention of our visiting Doctor.