Admissions Home

Our admissions policy states the criteria and standards required for students to gain admissions to the College. Students must meet the following:

Academic Requirements
  • Students seeking admissions to Year 7 must be 10 years or older by September of their admission year
  • All applicants must have at minimum a score of 60% in their previous session reports
  • Students seeking entrance must also score an average of 60% on their Entrance Examination
  • Rainbow College is an English speaking school and all students must demonstrate proficiency in the English language prior to admissions
  • All previous school records must be officially submitted in original versions
  • Additional support and instructions are available to international students during the admissions process
  • Parents and Guardians are required to submit and acknowledge all documentations pertaining to their child’s admissions to the college including child’s medical history, emergency contact numbers, etc.
Admissions Criteria

Please note that candidates seeking admission into Year 7 must take the following exams:

  • English Language, Mathematics, Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude and General Paper (consisting of Science, Current Affairs and Reasoning Skills questions).
  • Students transferring to the College (Year 8 and Year 10) must sit for English Language, Mathematics, Biology and any other subject deemed necessary.
  • Oral Interviews are compulsory for every student before admission.
  • The College reserves the right to ask for additional information/document from previous schools