As school leavers prepare for impending graduation from primary school, what readily comes to parents’ minds is the choice of what secondary schools their wards should attend. Making a choice out of a plethora of schools can be quite perplexing and arduous. But, if you are looking for a school that provides a balanced education, Rainbow College is just the school for you.

Rainbow College (Day & Boarding), a school that has consistently maintained outstanding IGCSE and WAEC results, with laurels and awards that attest to our performance and academic feats, offers your wards an opportunity to write our entrance examinations in order to gain admission into our schools.

Our entrance examinations for the year 2019, will be taking place on the 19th of January ,  9th of March, and 13th of April. Please visit https://www.rainbowcollege.org/admission/how-to-apply/ for more information.

NOVEMBER 12, 2018 - 12:00 AM
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